Snow and Ice Control

Snow and Ice ControlBetter Results in Less Time

Push more snow faster and leave the job site clearer with taller, more aggressive snow plows.

The Best Built, Best Backed Plows Made, Period.

Backed with the best warranty in the business, our totally re-designed snow plows are made to minimize downtime.

A Tough Job Just Got Easier

Attach and detach the plow in seconds and leave the truck with an off-the-assembly-line appearance when not in use. There are three controller styles available.

Snow and Ice Control

The Contractor's Choice for Snow and Ice Control Equipment

With a complete line of rugged spreader equipment to choose from, Magnum Spreaders makes it easier than ever to make the right choice for your snow & ice control needs. Because our spreader lineup covers a wide range of applications for a broad variety of operators, we have the spreader that's just right for your needs. Many of our spreaders have built-in performance features that others consider add-ons. We also have the largest variety of drive options in the industry: gas engines and electrically driven models.

Snow and Ice Control

Quick and Easy Attachment

Drive into the receiver brackets, then grab the shoe handle and pull it up—the spring-loaded shoe will pop up. Pull the lock pin (in red) and rotate the handle up. Repeat on the other side, then plug in the electrical connections.

Receiver Brackets

The removable receiver brackets are 3 1/2 inches in diameter, so they're incredibly easy to drive into. For maximum off-season ground clearance, simply remove the two receiver brackets. No tools required!